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Volker Durben
created: 13.09.01
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 Volker Durben


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Portr_VolkerVolker Durben was born in 1966. He grow up in Wehr, there he visited the grade school and later the Gymnasium in Andernach. Since his graduation of his studies in machanical engineering in 1991 he works at the University of Wuppertal until summer 2001. Now he works at the department of water and ships in Koblenz.

Volker´s Hobbies are genealogy, fotography and motorbiking.

In summer 1997 he got his first e-mail from America. Hereby he call his attention to american namesake and because of that his interest of genealogy was waked up.

He registered all available informations of different home- and familyresearcher and put them to one data-base. He collected missing informations about the descendants of Peter Durben, the first bearer of the name in Wehr.

Just as good he was responsible for the editorial, the layout inclusive the pictures in the introductory and for many text-contributions to the Durben-book.

Volker organized the German print of the book, realized the combination of the CD-ROM and take care of this Internet-presentation.


Volker Durben
Grabenstraße 22
D-56653 Wehr