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Volker Durben
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 Peter Durben


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Peter Durben was born in 1955 in Moers to Dr. Hans-Hubert Durben and Karola Schopmans. After graduating from secondary school he started a 3-year apprenticeship at a bank. For 2 years he then worked as a journeyman at said bank. In 1978 he emigrated to Vancouver Canada. There he worker for 8 years in the hospitality industry.

In 1986 he decided to come back to Germany to finish his education at the business school for the hospitality industry. He graduated in 1988 and received a Bachelor of business economics. Afterwards he worked at a consulting company for the hospitality industry where he detected his inclination for computers. Thus he decided to work for a software developer for hotel software.

In 1990 Peter married the radiology assistant Gabriele Kubik. In February 1992 their son Benedikt was born and in August 1995 their daughter Theresa. In 1998 Peter occupied the position of an IT manager for a major hotel chain.

Peters hobbies are skiing, vintage cars and computers. With the help of his 8 years in Canada Peter was predestined for translating the German pages into English.